There was a freaking HALESTORM in Rockford last night.

I was prepared to watch the show, throw back a few cold ones, listen to some good ol’ rock and roll and call it a night.

What I wasn’t prepared for, having my freaking FACE melted by the incredible Lzzy Hale and Halestorm.

Before the show, Kev and I had an opportunity to take a few minutes and chat with Halestorm. One thing is clear, this band is all about the fun.

As a radio personality, I have interviewed a number of rock stars before, but Halestorm was different, and unlike any other band in the business. They were so real. Unbelievably real. Oh, and hilarious!

When Kevin, Zander, JHo and I were done doing stage announcements before Halestorm, we exited the stage. I bent down to pick up my purse and prepared to walk away. That’s what you do, you get out as soon as possible, as not to be intrusive to the artist as they prepare to go on stage.

I turn around and I see Lzzy hugging Kevin. Then all of a sudden, Josh walks up to me and says, “Hey Lori, thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.”


Then Lzzy and the rest of the gang came over, thanked Kevin and I by name, gave us all hugs and we were on our way. Us to the crowd, them to the stage. They were people at that moment, not just rock stars that I love.

It was a moment I’ll never forget.

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