Our second place winners of the Big Gig Contest, Genotype, will be performing at Real Rock Fest on July 15th at The Apollo Theatre.

It’s going to be one hell of a show, I know that for sure. Real Rock Fest will feature Fozzy, 10 Years, Wayland, Powerman 5000 and Genotype ALL under one roof for one fantastic night of rock n’ roll.

If you haven’t grabbed your tickets yet, you can get them HERE.

One thing is for certain, everytime I see Genotype, I think, how in the world does all that angry come out of something so little? Kadie Kirby (lead vocals) is a performer you have to see to believe. The energy, raw talent and POWER that her voice brings will blow you away. She is a showstopper.

Genotype is a heavy metal band from Rockford, IL who are currently playing the Chicagoland area and promoting their third full-length album, G3. Their influences include: Iron Maiden, Pantera, Fear Factory, In Flames and In This Moment.

Genotype is comprised of:

  • Kadie Kirby (vocals)
  • Charles Esposito (lead guitar/programming)
  • Justin Krotz (bass)
  • Remington Roberts (drums)
  • Shaun Combee (rhythm guitar)

Genotype formed in December of 2010 by Charlie Esposito (Altered/The Darksiders/Imprint Recordings) and Shaun Combee (Altered/Loki/Left4Dead). They exchanged ideas and a musical platform was created. Kadie Kirby joined quickly after her background in stage performances and impressive vocal production helped her fit the part. Genotype then began writing and producing their debut self-titled album. It was independently released in February 2012. Later in 2012, Genotype was completed with the addition of Remington Roberts (Theophagy/Jungle Rot) and Justin Krotz.

One of my personal favorite songs from Genotype is “Silence.” I think you will like it too!

They are a band that can best be understood live, I hope you come out and see them July 15th!

*** To hear local bands on The X, tune into The Revolution, hosted by Rev. TimE – Sunday nights from 11 p.m. – midnight.

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