If you are looking for a LimeBike, East High School’s parking lot is full of them.

Senior pranks are something high school students look forward to before they graduate. Sure, some of them have gone too far, resulting in students not graduation, or worse.

I feel an A+ should go to the seniors at Rockford’s East High School. On the morning of May 21, 2018, the parking lot was looking very green, or should I say, lime.

The class of 2018 parked many of the city’s LimeBikes in the parking spots of the school.

Kudos to them for not destroying property, as we know many senior pranks go to far. Instead, they used their creativity to pull a harmless prank. You have to give them credit for creativity! At least all of the bikes weren’t parked in the trees, like we have seen elsewhere in Rockford.

Congratulations E-Rabs, and to the class of 2018, master pranksters.

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