If you are from Dixon, you know exactly how Ghost Metal band, Bloody Gulch, got their name.

The first time I heard Bloody Gulch’s name, I was immediately creeped out. Blood = Gross. Gulch = WTF is a Gulch? When I asked Kevin, he said a gulch is a crevice, (I have no idea if he was making that up, he probably was) which then creeped me out even more.

What is a Bloody Gulch? In this case, they are a band from Dixon and the pioneers in a new style called Ghost Metal. How they came up with their band name has a very local tie to Dixon, IL.

The band’s part of the world is made up of long stretches or road through cornfields, tiny towns and broken factories. A good job here gets you just enough to get drunk and a fix your wheels. Everybody the band grew up with still lives here and probably always will. The town is known for a few things and all of them are messed up. The road through town is called Bloody Gulch Road because way back in 1885, a 17 year old bible salesman named Frank Thiel got robbed, beaten and lost his head there. Since then, all sorts of mysterious things have happened on Bloody Gulch Road. They named the band after that road and sometimes they still take a late night ride out there.

The band is comprised of:

  • Chad Fassler (vocals)
  • Ian Smith (guitar)
  • Nick Trenholm (bass)
  • Evan Trenholm (drums)

Their music is something you have to hear to really understand.

They are heavy and raw, and bring their personal stories front and center as subject matter for their lyrics. They have special sound that mixes classic rock, metal, rock and well…. let’s just say they are a metal melting pot.

Bloody Gulch took part in our Big Gig Contest in April of this year, placing in the Top 5 of the competition. This was a big deal for the boys in Dixon, they even made it to the local paper.


Bloody Gulch was a welcomed addition to the Big Gig Contest, and into the Rockford music scene. I look forward to seeing what these guys have in store next.

*** To hear local bands on The X, tune into The Revolution, hosted by Rev. TimE – Sunday nights from 11 p.m. – midnight.

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