Minding the Gap is a story of two skateboarders who run into unexpected challenges and are forced to grow up.

Too often I find myself watching the same bad reality shows on television. It’s not because there isn’t anything else to watch, it’s because I’m too lazy to find something new.

You know how it goes, you start browsing Hulu, watch a few movie trailers and before you know it, you’ve wasted an hour’s worth of time and you are in the same position you started in. You’ve got nothing to watch.

I’ll go out of my way to say, “you’re welcome,” right off the bat, because you have plans on August 17th.

I’ll wait while you go set the date on your calendar.

Starting August 17th, a documentary that was filmed in Rockford, IL, called Minding the Gap will be streaming on Hulu. The film won the Jury Award for Breakthrough Filmmaking in the Documentary Competition category at Sundance Film Festival.

Bing Liu is the director of Minding the Gap, sat down for an interview with the Sundance Film Festival, where he talks about his growing up, his influences and the film.

This is a must see if you are a skateboarder, father, Rockfordian, human.

I’m looking forward to seeing it myself. To learn more about Minding the Gap, visit HERE.

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