Child or Adult, it doesn’t matter. Let your musician flag fly at The Rock N’ Roll Institute, coming to Rockford!

Are you ready to rock?

The answer is always yes, that’s why you and I get along so well.

See, we are very similar. We love to sing in the shower, play the air drums and we can even play a few simple guitar chords. That’s why we are SO ready to head to The Rock N’ Roll Institute!

Children from the Northern Illinois/Rockford area will come together with a passion and drive for music, find a place to belong, nurture their talents, discover musical autonomy and facilitate long lasting friendships and teamwork. Let this video show you more:

Now, you are probably thinking, isn’t that for kids!? The simple answer is Yes and No.

Yes, it’s for kids. Children’s camp dates are June 18 – June 22 and June 25 – June 29.

But they also offer ADULT camps, too!

Adult camps are held at night and are the following dates: June 19, 21, 25, 26 and 28th.

To learn more and get signed up, visit


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