This video will restore your faith in humanity. Mark Pickett and Ryan Craig are heroes.

On June 18, 2018, Rockford got pummeled by rain. According to WREX, three to four inches of rain fell within a couple of hours. Roads became increasingly dangerous, most unable to be navigated through.

In the video below, an elderly man was trapped in his car during the flooding at the McDonald’s on Charles Street in Rockford. In this video, you will see these two incredible men, along with the help of other good Samaritans, saving a strangers life.

Imagine the man trapped in your car is your father or your grandfather. Imagine if Mark Pickett and Ryan Craig weren’t there. I don’t even want to allow my mind to go there.

WARNING: This video may be hard for some to watch. Does contain strong language. The video was recorded by Mark Pickett’s daughter, Brianna Pickett.

To you, Mark Pickett and Ryan Craig… you are heroes. You are the reason this man is safe. You should be damn proud of yourselves, we, the community, are honored to have you both.

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