Absolem is a progressive hard rock band from Rockford, IL.

The band consists of:

  • Colin Toohey (vocals)
  • John Scott (lead guitar)
  • Mike Levi (rhythm guitar)
  • Jaysen Trickler (drums/vocals)
  • Brad Trickler (bass/vocals)

They are heavily influenced by bands like Beartooth, The Color Morale, Avenged Sevenfold and Nothing More.

They first debuted at Gapstock in 2015 at a local favorite, Cronies Bar and Grill.

Over the past three years, they have grown as a band musically and built a stronger fan base than ever.

On October 5, 2018 they will debut their latest single “Rip It.” You can get a taste of it here:

Absolem puts on one hell of a live show, each one of them meaningful to the band. They just want to party and have a good time.


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