Here are the items up for bid from ‘Rockford Buy, Sell, Trade & Automobiles’ Facebook Page on this week’s The Price is Wrong.

Each week I scour the internet to find items to play my favorite game, The Price is Wrong. I’ve always had a thing for Bob Barker and the Price is Right, my dream to be on the show.

Now that Drew Carey has taken over, it just doesn’t have the same flair, in my humble opinion. So, the next best thing would be to host our own version of the show lovingly called, “The Price is Wrong.”

What better place to find items for Kev to bid on than Rockford’s own Buy, Sell, Trade & Automobile’s Facebook Page? Kev’s out today, so Lou is stepping in to guess!

Here are the items from this week’s “Price is Wrong.”

The first item up for bid are these Vintage Muppet Puppets.

The three 1970’s Muppets included are Bert, Ernie and another character, the heads are made of rubber while the rest of the bodies are fabric. They are rare and hard to find. I will say, these are in incredible shape and I totally want them. My daughter is obsessed with Sesame Street. The actual asking price (according to the post) is $50:


The second item up for bid is these light gray Rear seats from a 92 Camaro rs.

They are in overall good shape, just need a good cleaning. Hmmm… wonder why. Actual asking price (according to the post) $50:


The final item up for bid is a Vintage Helping Hand Radio.

This is a vintage Hamburger Helper Radio, that actually works. I’m assuming you turn the nose to switch the dial. If you pick this up, you can probably figure it out, because it works! Actual asking price (according to the post) is $25.



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