The last thing I thought I would read today: local football players were running naked across a football field while holding Oreo cookies in their butts.

Not one, two, or even three players were suspended from Byron High School’s football team… but 10! They have been suspended from three games in November, including November 23rd, which was the Class 3A state championship game where Byron lost 24-20 to Monticello High School according to WTVO.

The reason for the suspension was because they ran across the football field naked, with Oreo cookies wedged between their butt cheeks.

The Oreo Run comes from the Netflix show Blue Mountain State. In the video below, they explain the challenge, where the football players put an Oreo between their butt, run down the length of the field and the last to cross have to eat the cookie they so carefully were clutching.

Let it be known that the football players who were suspended, voluntarily decided to do the Oreo Run. This wasn’t a product of hazing. A letter was sent to the parents of students who admitted to participating this.

Imagine explaining this to your mom and dad.

While this may be hilarious for television, it’s not something I recommend to try for fun.

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