Happy Wok on 11th Street is giving me all the feels and I just can’t help myself.

All of us have struggles, right? You realize you ran out of sugar while baking cookies. Your cellphone died and you didn’t have a charger.  You went over on your WiFi allotment and now you can’t connect to the internet. This is what I call, First World Problems.

Sometimes, it’s so easy to be so consumed in your own daily struggles, you forget that there are many in this world struggling to just find food and shelter for a day.

Happy Wok on 11th Street is doing something about it. They have a sign on their door that says,


Please don’t beg the customers for money, come inside and get a 16 Rice and an Eggroll (Free)

Just a simple gesture like this could completely change someone’s day. What can you do to help those around you in need?

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