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We’ll be closed on Sunday for Easter. Bring in your family tonight and tomorrow and celebrate!

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Stamp a Beloit restaurant’s mascot on yourself with a permanent tattoo and you could be enjoying free burgers for a year.

Have you been to Lucy’s #7 in Beloit? They boast stuffed burgers, served on a freshly baked roll, with a pickle spear and choice of hand-cut Idaho Fries or Sweet Potato Fries.

Get your burger stuffed with your favorite cheese and add incredible toppings like bacon, mac & cheese, olive tapenade and more. *drooling*

Lucy’s #7 isn’t just about the burgers, it’s about Lucy, the babe, too. According to their website, Lucy Winslow began as she was the only girl of 7 children. She went from a southern Wisconsin farm to a war hero to starlet and then entrepreneur.

She was one of the most popular pin-up girls of her era. You can now see her, always, on your arm, leg, even your butt cheeks, if you want to enter the contest.

Lucy’s #7  is providing four different designs for you to choose from. All designs feature the Lucy’s #7 logo. You can see the logos, here.

If you are one of the lucky seven winners, you’ll have to head to TattaLatte Tattoo Inc. within 45 days to claim your tattoo. Then, you’ll receive your “For the Love of Lucy, I Got Tattooed for Free Burgers” card that will get you 52 burgers, or one a week, for a year.

Will you enter the contest? See all the rules and regulations HERE.

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