Zander adopted a pet in need from Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, and you should too!

We didn’t know what we were looking for until he found us.  Yogi was his name, and did he have a story!  However, it almost didn’t happen.

One recent Friday on my way to work listening to The Morning X – as I always do – I caught the Noah’s Ark of Rockford weekly segment.  This is where they bring in a dog that’s up for adoption and they talk about him, or her.  Lori always grabs video for our X social media channels.  Once into to work I reviewed the video and discovered this dog was a Great Pyrenees.  (You can see the original video below.)  Big dogs used for herding, very loyal and protective.  And, the breed of my wife’s childhood dog…and the dog she had rescued from a farm when we first met.

I carefully considered my next move.

Once I hit send on the text with video link, I immediately thought “wait, what did I just do?”

We had recently been talking about adding another dog to the mix, a bigger dog that was young enough to keep our two older dogs active, but as soon as I sent this text it all got very REAL.  My wife responded quite emphatically, as I knew she would, and all of the sudden the ball was rolling…quickly.  I met Yogi myself before my Rockford City Market broadcast later that day and found out he was a stray, malnourished and flee-ridden with his collar cutting into his neck when they found him on the streets of Rockford just a few weeks prior.  It was then I decided, with our dogs in tow, we’d make a trip out the next day so everyone can meet.

The next day we all proceeded to make the trip out.  What we didn’t know at the time was that, due to some confusion, the dog was being adopted out to another family.  We got there and he was gone.  Disappointing to say the least.  They asked if we wanted to see any others dogs and my quick answer was ‘no’.  We were there for this dog they called Yogi.

My return to work Monday morning was greeted with a message on my desk to call Noah’s Ark Sanctuary.  Curious, I called right away.  It turns out the adopting family of Yogi returned him because ‘he peed too much’.  Really?!?  I barely had time to process that ridiculousness before I realized we had a second chance in adopting this guy.  We did!  He is now known as ‘Willy T’ and has settled in perfectly with his bro and sis.

Things happen…the way they are supposed to happen.

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