My firsthand warning came ten years ago.

It was about 25 years ago I first met Red Muldoon. I listened to him on WMET in Chicago when I was a teen, and then I was working right along with him at WABT. He was a creative, fun-loving, easy going guy who loved music and radio. We had so much in common and we hung out when we could. After that gig ended for both of us we stayed in touch. As luck would have it we ended working together yet again five years later at WCKG. He did the Beatles show and I did my 80’s rock show. Then again, as it happens in this transient business, I moved on and we lost touch. Fast forward to 2007. I was in working in California. I heard Red was sick but didn’t really know much.  I also heard their was a benefit for him at a bar back in the Chicago area. The night of the benefit back at home I got a call. It was Red. As I learned that night, it was advanced prostate cancer. We had some laughs as we recalled shared experiences. It was great to talk to him again, though I had the feeling this was goodbye. It was. At his memorial service I met his father. He looked me straight in the eye while he purposefully poked my chest with his finger and told me “get checked, don’t wait”. I will never forget that moment, or Red. Good guy gone way too soon.

I have my next checkup booked for October.

Get a your free checkup this Thursday at Mercyhealth Perryville, 3401 N. Perryville Rd., Rockford, on Thursday, September 26, 5-8 pm.


Give the Finger to Prostate Cancer

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