Image by Larry White from Pixabay

by Kevin Wood

If you live in Rochelle, or have been through there recently, you may have noticed some big round hay bales outside of local businesses. You’re not hay-lucinating. They’re real.

But WHY? What the Hay-ell is it all about?

Oct 12th is Rochelle’s 4th Annual Hay Day. This is a Family Fall Fest that hay-pens every year in downtown Rochelle. Decorating a hay bale was inspired by some sort of German tradition. Rochelle heard about it and said “Hay! We should do that.”

So they did.

Since the new bales aren’t fully decorated yet, I thought I’d share my favorites from last year. I took pictures of them on a walk through Rochelle last October. They are, in no particular order:

PUMPKIN CHEEKS: I give this one a Hay-Plus for creativity. And an F for their inability to say no to Pumpkin Crack.


THE SPIDER THAT COULDN’T EVEN: I’m not sure what this spider’s problem was. But I thought it was pretty cre-hay-tive.


LEGO GUY: The popularity of Lego after all these years is astounding. This was a very well put together piece, with a terrible pun to boot. My kinda art. Hay to go.


LIBERTY BELL: Holy crap, someone was trying to show off. This thing was huge. And they even got the crack in there. Not as good as the aforementioned pumpkin crack, but still, hip-hip hoor-HAY.


PIZZA: This one’s pizza. You can tell cause they spray-painted red circles on it to make pepperoni. Hay for deliciousness. Hay-ell no for effort.


THE CHIEF: Wow, someone’s an overachiever. Either way, wow, this was pretty effing cool. Insert hay pun here, I can’t think of anymore.


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