Remember that Halloween when The X Clown gave you nightmares…and tickets?

Sitting here in the studio reminiscing today about a Halloween a few years back when we here at The X placed a brave (…if not crazy) radio station part-timer in a clown costume on the corner of State and Alpine at daybreak to give away tickets to a local concert.  Aside from a handful of daring listeners who really wanted to see a free concert – we discovered that clowns really do scare the sh*t out of most people.  One listener in a car even threw their coffee mug at our clown in disgust!  By the time it was over – the cops had showed up and so did the TV news crews.  On social media, our post, complete with pictures, was viewed over 400k times!  Bet those listeners that saw the Sick Puppies that night will always remember exactly how they won those tickets.  However, I really have no idea what happened to that coffee mug.  ~zander

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