Alright, we’re well aware that recreational cannabis is now legal in the State of Illinois.  That’s been the big one on everyone’s mind leading into 2020. But there are some other new laws you should probably be aware of.

Minimum Wage Increase

Minimum wage workers will now see a whole dollar more per hour. The rate goes from $8.25 to $9.25. The minimum wage is expected increase to $15/hr by 2025.

Revenge Porn!

I didn’t expect to have to type those two words into a blog, but there you have it. Victims of revenge porn now have civil remedies to the damages both emotionally and economically as a result of non-consensual sharing of private sexual images.  According to, “A private right of action may be taken against individuals for intentionally posting a compromising image of another online or the owners or operators of a website hosting the images.”

You get accepted, you get accepted.. and YOU get accepted!

High school seniors who are in the top 10 percent of their class when it comes to their GPA will get guaranteed acceptance to  NIU, SIU, WIU and EIU. There are some other criteria they need to meet, but that GPA is a HUGE plus. Let’s just put it that way. So study.

Everypotty Can Use It

You know those bathrooms that only have room for one person, so you have to lock the door when you go in.  Inevitably I always get someone pounding on the door and have to yell “Just a minute!”
Well, any bathroom like that starting in 2020 must be designated as “All Gender” bathrooms. No signs saying “Men,” “Women,” or otherwise will be allowed.  And speaking of bathrooms, all public restrooms must have baby changing stations now.

Speaking of Gender

You can now indicate your gender as “non-binary” on your driver’s license if you so choose to do so.


That’s only a few of the laws that took effect. Check out these other ones.

Source: Illinois Senate Democrats

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