Pregnancy can be a very stressful time for new moms especially now during a pandemic. Now, new moms and women who are pregnant are struggling with their mental health.

Mom of three, Cassie Bonstrom welcomed a new life during the pandemic but she also suffered a great loss. Her mom, who was already battling cancer died of COVID-19 just before her new grand-daughter was born.

“My mom wanted nothing more than to hold this baby,” says Bonstrom. “In grief, I gravitate towards my family and I just want everyone to be together and we can’t do that right now.”

From making the decision whether or not to deliver early so you can get in and out of the hospital and figuring out the best option to make sure moms and their babies stay safe and healthy, that’s when the anxiety sets in.

A recent survey from pregnant/postpartum women states that 36% suffer from clinically significant depression and 15-20% of women experienced this pre-pandemic.

If you are experiencing mental health challenges during this time, know that you are not alone. Visit the website listed HERE if you have questions, need help, or want to talk to someone.


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