Imagine being in an assisted living facility and not being able to see your family because of a pandemic. It’s just heartbreaking, some of these individuals have not seen their families since March of last year.

Now a local business in Beloit is encouraging residents to ‘adopt’ a grandparent to put a smile on their faces as most facilities aren’t allowing visitors due to COVID-19.

The owner of Glitz & Go, Diviniti Pulliam, has now come up with an initiative called, ‘Send a Smile: Adopt a Grandparent‘, which is open for anyone who wants to put a smile on someone’s face. You can purchase a balloon bouquet for $10 and it will go to surprise someone on Valentine’s Day and will remind those who feel alone at this time, that they are loved by the community and are not alone.

Glitz & Go is working with assisted living facilities in Beloit to ensure every resident receives a balloon bouquet on Valentine’s Day. So far, 700 grandparents have been adopted from 19 different facilities!

If you would like to put a smile on someone’s face, please visit their website to get involved.

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