Bad news kids in Rockford, even if you’re snowed in you still have to go to school!

RPS has announced that instead of a snow day, the district will have an e-learning day.

From the official RPS announcement: 

Each year, the district can use as many as five emergency days. In the past, those five days would be added to the end of the school year. If emergency days are used for e-Learning, they count toward student attendance and will not be made up.

How it will work: When we anticipate severe weather that could trigger a snow day or emergency day, students will be directed to take home electronic devices, just in case. Just as electronic devices were assigned during the adaptive pause, students in kindergarten through second grades will be assigned iPads, and students in third grade through high school will be assigned Chromebooks. Early Childhood students who don’t have an electronic device at home will be assigned an iPad.

Notification: We’ll share news of an emergency e-Learning day with our families and staff as early as possible via text message, phone call, email blasts, media alerts, social media and mobile app posts and website publications.



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