Tom Brady was already well on his way to being named the G.O.A.T as it pertains
to NFL quarterback but in Super Bowl 55 he made what may be his final case and
left little doubt that he is in fact the Greatest of All Time. Brady wasn’t overly
flashy in Super Bowl 55, but then again that has never really been his thing.
Instead he was steady, surgical, and consistent taking what KC gave him and
exploiting their weaknesses time and again. That is what makes Brady great.
While he may not be the most physically gifted QB ever he is one of the most
cerebral and well prepared.

Brady’s career arch is an interesting one in that he was a 6 th round draft pick that
came out of college with little or no fanfare, yet he worked hard and took
advantage of his opportunity when it arose. It was an underdog story that showed
that hard work and perseverance pays off. However somewhere along the way
Brady became too successful and began being the target of dislike and disdain.
Now don’t get me wrong spy-gate as well as deflate-gate certainly didn’t do Brady
any PR favors. Through it all however Brady remained the same poise methodical
QB and he just kept winning.

Brady has always been ultra-competitive and when the New England Patriots
decided that it was time to move on from Tom that fueled a renewed fire inside
of him. Brady was bound and determined to show the football world that it was
he not Bill Belichick that was the lynchpin of the Patriots success. Brady signed
with Tampa Bay and broke numerous COVID-19 protocols in attempt to bond and
work with his new teammates. The extra work would eventually pay off.

Brady and the Bucs struggled at times but Brady’s confidence in his team never
wavered. That is one of Brady’s greatest strengths as well his ability to lead. He
does it by example and at times by berating teammates on the sidelines. Having
Brady on your team gives a calming and confident aura to the team as a whole.
Eventually the Bucs found their stride and the rest as they day is history.

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