It’s never fun when you have to bundle up, leash up your pup and head out into sub-zero temperatures. But, it’s important to remember we aren’t the only ones who’d rather be inside curled up on the couch. Our pets get cold, too.

We’ve been in a deep freeze in the Stateline for a week now and according to 13 WREX it looks like it will be sticking around. Until it breaks, we should try and do everything we can to keep our pets safe. The Humane Society offers several tips that can help.

For example…

-Don’t leave your dog out for an extended period of time. Only let them out to do their business.

-Keep cats indoors.

-Apply Vaseline or use doggie shoes for walks. It will help to keep your dong’s paws from coming in contact with salt or other ice melting chemicals. (wipe off the Vaseline when you’re done)

There are some other helpful hints for taking care of your pets in the cold below.

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