Much of the comic book universe is hoping for a clash between Spider-Man and Venom in the MCU. Tom Hardy, who plays Venom, is one of those people. He says that doing the Venom and Spider-Man movies without culminating in that fight would be like “running the 100-meters” without having your sights set on “heading to the Olympics.”
It sucks to lose, but it sucks worse when your opponent is gloating about it in front of you. In the new “FIFA 22” game, you’ll be able to turn off your rivals’ celebration scenes. The game’s developers say there will be a function where you can turn the camera on your own team’s reactions when a goal is scored by the other side. FIFA 22 comes out October 1st.  
We know that Michael Keaton has put the Bat Suit on again for the upcoming film, “The Flash.” But how does he feel about it? Keaton says it was “just like riding a bike.” He did reflect on how lucky he was that Tim Burton was willing to take a risk on casting him for the iconic role as the memories came flooding back.  He called wearing the suit again “shockingly normal.”