Luis Hermosillo Photography

Hey, hey, hey! I was born and raised on the South-side of Chicago, which makes me by default, a die hard White Sox fan. Don’t worry, I won’t bash your beloved Cubs, but I will trash talk your Packers.

I’ve been doing this radio thing now since 2010, the majority of my time here on the Rockford radio dial. I ran an independent internet radio station that played only unsigned artists for a few years, which is where I hired my first employee in radio… Kev, my other half of The Morning X. So yes… I still believe I’m the boss of him, even though I’m not.

Us radio peeps will always tell you, live concerts are our favorite place to be. I once gave a nervous cop a pep-talk at a Rage Against the Machine show and I unknowingly sat on Billie Joe Armstrong’s lap at an Alien Ant Farm show. I love live shows so much, I got married at a concert venue on stage.

Although I’m a rocker, I’m also a lot like your grandma. I cut coupons, crochet blankets, paint and spend a lot of time trying to remember where I left something. I’m a new mommy to my favorite little girl, Harlow, who is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Cliche, but true.

I’ll bring the beer, you bring the pizza.