By Kevin Haas
Rock River Current
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ROCKFORD — The citywide celebration of the 30th anniversary of “A League of Their Own,” coupled with the local premier of the new Amazon Prime series by the same name, drew reporters here from across the country.

On Friday, Sports Illustrated published its piece on the festivities as its daily cover story on Emma Baccellieri’s article examines why people here and across the country are still fond of the movie and the team, and it pays a certain reverence to the old Beyer Stadium where the Peaches once played.

“The ballpark’s significance is rooted in the past. But it does not feel like a relic,” Baccellieri wrote. “It feels — crucially and beautifully — like a baseball field.”

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Baccellieri talked to people who came here July 2 for the festivities at the ballpark. Among those she talked to was Cathy Headley, an associate professor of kinesiology at Rockford University who was in college when the movie came out.

“You don’t connect to the history until you really see it,” Headley told Sports Illustrated. “It just felt like a blessing to be able to see.”

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You can read the full Sports Illustrated article HERE.

The new “A League of Their Own” series debuts on Amazon Prime on Aug. 12.

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