As of early Wednesday, control of the U.S. House and Senate were up in the air as states across the country tallied votes, and many midterm election races remained neck-and-neck. Millions of Americans also cast their votes in key races for governor, secretary of state and other offices down the ballot.

The close contests will determine whether Democrats keep the majority in the House and Senate, or if Republicans will seize control of one or both chambers of the legislature. Democrats picked up a pivotal Senate seat in Pennsylvania, as Lt. Gov. John Fetterman was projected to defeat Republican Mehmet Oz; however critical Senate races in Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona were undetermined as of early Wednesday.

Some projections had Republicans ending up with 220 seats in the House, giving them the narrow majority. Republicans came into Election Day hoping to take commanding control of the chamber, which could make a huge difference for President Biden, whose legislative hopes rest on whether Democrats can push his agenda through Congress.

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